BIOHEALTH Gear Box approved for UBImedical

The EU has approved an european project called BIOHEALTH Gear Box for UBImedical (the coordinator of the project), a knowledge alliance of approximatelly 1 million Euros for 36 months, that will gather European forces from 13 partners (Portugal, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands) and will accelerate the learning of competencies to boost efficient innovation and spur entrepreneurial processes in the BIOHEALTH sector.

Through BIOHEALTH Gear Box, we will:

  • Warm up the engine, undertaking mapping of the current landscape, trends and future strategies in the BIOHEALTH sector, benchmarking good practices and co-creating a blueprint for innovation and entrepreneurship in the sector.
  • bring ALL ABOARD, establishing and sustaining collaborative networks where key actors will be called to act and co-create a valuable array of educational resources.
  • Upload the baggage, co-producing and validating an innovative international joint post-graduation course on innovation and entrepreneurship addressing the specificities of the BIOHEALTH sector, where students will be challenged in hackathons (entrepreneurs and companies/investors), have access to pioneering resources and be invited to a Bootcamp and Pitching Day – all with and international scope and mobility processes. Also, under this activity, training (and mobility) for staff responsible for the organisation of the course will be provided in a capacitation programme designed to support advance entrepreneurial studies and dynamics.
  • SPEED-UP THE WAY, co-creating and validating an international joint acceleration programme and capacitation course, the first to support innovative seed-stage high tech businesses in the BIOHEALTH sector and ensure a successful path idea-to-market through the Gear Box Business Accelerator and the second to foster the necessary conditions to the implementation of acceleration processes.
  • FILL UP THE TANK, developing a collaborative BIOHEALTH online hub to boost open innovation schemes and co-creation processes among a network of BIOHEALTH entrepreneurs and innovators, including the access to networking and learning materials.
  • TURN ON THE RADIO, ensuring that BIOHEALTH objectives, methodologies and results are widely disseminated and exploited at large, spreading the alliance and guaranteeing the sustainability of the main products;
  • TAKE A PIT STOP, adopting a comprehensive and participatory quality strategy and procedures built-on high standards that will attest the relevance, efficacy, usability, innovation and impact of the project activities and results; and

CHECK THE CONTROL PANEL, using solid, modern and adjusted project management tools that will ensure cost-efficiency and good communication within and around the partnership.