DoMIng and Nomad-e were the winners of HEALTH CUP 2021 – Intelligent Health is proving itself!

The Health Cup Pitch Competition was held on December 13th, at 2pm, for the 3rd consecutive year, at the incubator UBImedical | UBIExecutive, of the University of Beira Interior – UBI. The Health Cup is a seed capital competition that aims to support teams that want to create companies in the areas of health and life sciences, and be implemented at UBImedical | UBIExecutive, rewarding innovative projects in these sectors.

The 6 competing teams (Gymtime GO, DoMInG, Med n’Go, Nomad-e, Pawdin and Plenitude) presented challenging initiatives, namely in the area of gamified social networks for the promotion of physical and mental health using artificial intelligence, integrated information system for formal and informal caregivers, automation of drug sales, integral platform for clinical information portability, systems for monitoring the vital signs of pets, as well as the development of methodologies to improve the quality of life based on mindfulness. The selection of the winners was made by a jury composed by Professor Dr. José Páscoa, Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Interaction with Society of UBI, Dr. Gina Rocha from Iapmei – Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation/Guarda and Dr. Dina Pereira, Manager of UBImedical.

The winning teams were DoMInG (former students of UBI in Pharmaceutical Sciences), which presented a solution for the approach of relatives to clinical information and well-being of institutionalized elderly people, and the Nomad-e team (UBI researchers, already awarded with a Startup Visa), which brought to the competition a solution which aimed at the portability of clinical information of digital nomads. Both teams won a prize of 5 thousand euros each and a year of pre-incubation/acceleration in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of UBImedical|UBIExecutive.