Innovation Prize – UNITA

The UNITA Innovation Prize promotes Open Innovation within and around the UNITA community.


1. The purpose of this call is to drive Open Innovation in the UNITA community and to contribute to the knowledge of Open Innovation among partners within the UNITA community, and beyond.

2. The awards are for 2 different categories: a) within UNITA domains and b) innovation in all domains.

3. Applications must be submitted before November 18, 2022 to, with a report of a maximum of 10 pages (in PDF format), as well as the completion of a short application form using this link –

4. Results will be published on December 9, 2022.

5. Eligible are: the research teams of the six UNITA partners, spin-off companies and start-ups that belong to, or are generated from, their incubators.

6. Two prizes: 3,000 euros (for the UNITA core themes: circular economy, cultural heritage and renewable energies) and 2,000 euros (for the other themes).