The INNOCUP 2023 – Seed Capital UBImedical | UBIExecutive is intended to support 2 teams/projects per year with a seed capital of €5,000 and 1-year pre-incubation at UBImedical | UBIExecutive. Candidates who intend to create a company and implement themselves at UBImedical | UBIExecutive may present themselves individually or in teams, as long as they are over 18 years old. For the selection of teams to integrate the seed capital/acceleration program, a pitch will be made by the different teams, and the Jury will select the two best projects. These projects will be allocated €5,000 in seed capital and 1 free year of pre-incubation in the UBImedical incubator | UBIExecutive.

This initiative is part of the European INNOUNITA project – Innovation Capacity Building in UNITA, supported by the EIT.

What are you waiting for? Develop new ideas and create your own company!

Application form (only in the Portuguese language): here

Rules (only in the Portuguese language): here