LABSED – Laboratory for Health in Buildings


João Lanzinha


+351 275 241 252

(Portuguese National Landline Call)

The LABSED – Laboratory for Health in Buildings identify and evaluate, using specialized measuring equipment, the potential risks to the health and safety of occupants, arising from physical and environmental conditions provided by buildings in use.


Effects of indoor conditions, facilities and building components on the health of occupants;
Comfort and energy efficiency in buildings;
Inspection, diagnosis and rehabilitation of buildings;
Health conditions in buildings;
Evaluation of indoor environment quality of buildings;


Evaluation of indoor environment quality of buildings;
Assessment of compliance with acoustical requirements in buildings;
Inspection, testing and proposals to repair pathologies in buildings;
Analysis of prevalence of pathologies in dwellings;
Assessment of the environmental quality of building materials;


Thermography imager – Testo 885;
Measurement of indoor air quality (CO2, CO, HR and T) – TSI 7545;
Portable measurement by photoionization (PID) for VOC detection for IAQ, environmental and health and safety applications – Photovac 2020ppbPRO;
Digital recording and monitoring of indoor relative humidity and temperature and calculation of dew point – Paperless EXTECH RH520 (2 un.); Sound level meter and spectrum analyzer – CESVA SC310;
High voice omnidirectional and amplifier / noise generator AP601 – CESVA FP 121;
Percussion machine – CESVA MI006;
Luxmeter (measurement of light intensity) – Testo 540 – (2 un.);
Multifunction instrument for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity, ventilation and IAQ – Testo 435;
Multifunction measuring equipment VelociCalc (air velocity, flow, pitot speed, pressure, temperature, atmospheric pressure, velocity probe, VOC, static pressure probe, placing thermocouples) – TSI 9565;
Data logger for reading and recording temperature in 4 different areas – Testo 176T4 (2 un.);
Measurement of moisture in materials – Testo 606-2 (2 un.);
Measurement of air velocity in ventilation – Testo 410-2 (2 un.);
Infrared measurement of surface temperature in environment and surfaces of materials and equipments – Testo 810 (2 un.);
Noise measurement in facilities and equipments – Testo 815 (2 un.);
Measurement of air velocity with telescopic probe – TSI 9545;
Measurement of surface material moisture (3 metering modes) -TRAMEX CMEXPERT II;
Software support for acoustic measurement – CVA; Software for the calculation and emission of acoustic reports – CSI; Software for room acoustics – DIRAC; Noise Explorer software.