Capacity Building Project for Personalised Medicine in the Centro Region


This project has a duration of two years, a budget of 1.2 million euros and involves three leading Portuguese universities: the University of Coimbra (project coordinator), the University of Beira Interior and the University of Aveiro, in addition to several hospitals and hospital centres, as well as other relevant entities.

It aims at technically capacitating the health units and the business fabric of the centro region, creating a reference network for the area of genomic medicine, based on 4 main activities:
*Mapping of existing availabilities in the Centro Region in the area of genomics;
*Pilot project aimed at building technical capacity for genomic sequencing;
*Integration of genomics in the regional network of health units and support for the creation of startups;
*Dissemination, through the dissemination of the basis and relevance of genomics in the community, the creation of a regional portal of Genomic Medicine, education actions for genomics to the public and internationalization.

"GenTech Matching" Plataform

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