Luís Taborda Barata


The Vision:
UBIAir aims to be an internationally recognized centre in the approach
integrated and integrated droc, with scientific and community impact.

The General Objectives:
1) Interact and compromise the community at large in the analysis, knowledge and approach to and prevention of ROCDs;
2) Increase the general and specific knowledge of health professionals in the
relevant aspects of the prevention, diagnosis and approach of ROCDs;
3) Implement collaborative, clinical and trans-lull research in the area of
DROC, with international impact;
(4) be a reference centre for national and international clinical trials in the
field of the DROC;
5) Provide complementary diagnostic and monitoring services with innovation and to fill regional and national gaps in this area applied
to the DROC.

The structure of UBIAir:
UBIAir-Clinical & Experimental Lung Centre is based at UBIMedical,
University of Beira Interior (UBI), in conjunction with cics-research center
In Health Sciences, the future Clinical Research Centre (C2ICB, articulated with the
CHRC - Comprehensive Research Centre, led by NOVA Medical School), and other
ubi's centers and colleges.

UBIAir sectors

1) Community Involvement / Community Engagement
2) Training of Health Professionals / ``Training of Healthcare Professionals``
3) Research & Innovation / ``Research & Innovation``
4) Clinical Trials and Service Provision / ``Clinical Trials & Rendering Services``


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