uMonitor is the winning team of the 5th edition of the Hackathon Mundo Biomédico!

On the 26th of May 2022, for the 5th consecutive year, UBImedical | UBIExecutive held the Hackathon Mundo Biomédico, a competition for ideas in the areas of health and life sciences, aimed at students of biomedicine, bioengineering, biotechnology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, medicine, optometry and vision sciences, industrial chemistry, medicinal chemistry or computer engineering.
The uMonitor team won the 5th edition, winning the 350 euro prize, with a solution for patients who regularly take oral anticoagulants. The idea is a sensor with a micro-needle placed on the skin to measure INR (International Normalised Ratio) values and calculate the most appropriate dose to be administered to that patient.
In addition to uMonitor, ideas from GlicoChip (measurement of glucose levels by an intradermal “chip”), Lab-on-a-Cup (cup with integrated biosensors for the detection of some Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the urine), Multi-Prick (a “multichannel pipette” system for allergy diagnosis), ProxyEye (wristband with several sensors to detect unexpected situations in the daily lives of people with visual problems) and S&S EngSaúde (decision support system for classification of degree of severity of Parkinson’s disease).
The winning team was selected by a jury composed by Dina Pereira, UBImedical manager, Vasco Lopes, DeepNeuronic CEO and João Milheiro, Lab Manager from Fab Lab Aldeias do Xisto.